In a world full of suffering and confusion, finding a ray of hope can feel like searching for a needle in a stressed out haystack. Whether its workplace stresses, the tyranny of the urgent, or a constant feeling of not being quite enough, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the constant barrage of negativity surrounding us every day.

Fortunately, an emerging science known as Positive Psychology is offering hope for those suffering from the effects of burnout, anxiety, and stress. Applying the unique elements of positive psychology - from focusing on positive emotions, relationships, engagement, and more - hope can be found even in the darkest moments of life.

As the research on positive psychology continues to emerge, a new application has launched to help individuals build the practice of positive psychology into their daily lives. With Friendly Kin, users can engage with other users in a network of positive accountability focused on building a healthy and thriving community.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of positive psychology and the Friendly Kin app, it’s important to understand the framework principles underlying positive psychology.

What Is Positive Psychology?

At its most basic definition, positive psychology can be understood as the scientific study of those elements that make life truly worth living. Beyond simply making it through each day amid a variety of struggles and stresses, positive psychology digs into those particulars that lead to passion, joy, and drive.

Positive psychology focuses on three main pillars: positive experiences, positive life traits, and positive institutions. By bringing together the experiences, emotions, and frameworks that we live and move in, positive psychology reverses the direction of common psychology and dives into those things that cause someone to feel and experience joy and fulfillment. With a focus on these parts of life, daily routines and one’s though-life can be rewired toward positive experiences.

Friendly Kin Using the PERMA Principles to Bring Hope

Another way to understand positive psychology is through the acronym PERMA. PERMA offers a guide to understanding the various elements of focus in positive psychology, and act as the framework that Friendly Kin’s application is built upon. Each part of the PERMA acronym has a unique focus of positive psychology, and aids individuals in connecting, engaging, and thriving with themselves and the world around them in healthy ways:

Positive Emotions

Positivity isn’t a single emotion. Instead, positive thinking exists on a full spectrum of emotions the same way that anger, sadness, fear, and other emotions exist. By understanding this spectrum better, one can better experience the varying levels of positivity regardless of life’s circumstances.

Friendly Kin, an application based on communication and engagement, offers a way for users to interact using digital stickers. With new features in development, the Friendly Kin team is always working on creative ways to help users communicate emotions in healthy and productive ways. Created to showcase the full spectrum of positive emotions, the Friendly Kin application allows users to express their feelings using cute and friendly stickers that allow for transparent and encouraging engagement. For example, sending a sticker of gratitude to a user can invoke a sense of empathy, and their support can then be cheered by others with a sense of positive altruism. The sky is the limit when it comes to sharing the full range of positive emotions with Friendly Kin!


Through direct and intentional communication, Friendly Kin offers users the chance to engage with others in positive and encouraging ways. Through engagement, users feel heard and known and can offer others positive reinforcement as they grow in their practice of positive psychology.


Relationships have formed the bedrock of our positive experiences for more of our lives. Whether it is family, friends, or colleagues, those we build deep friendship with are often those we turn to when we need a word of hope and affirmation. With Friendly Kin, our transparent and open community seeks to see real, lasting relationships built through positive engagement.


We all know that we are made for more than simply fulfilling our own needs and desires. Deep within each of us is a longing to bring hope and peace to others. At Friendly Kin, our application helps users to discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose by adding their positivity to a global, online community. Together we can discover what we are truly meant to become.


Growing in positive psychology principles will naturally lead to a more productive and successful life. Naturally, as you begin to see gains in those parts of your life that were stuck in the mire of negativity, your sense of accomplishment will grow as well! With Friendly Kin, you can celebrate the accomplishment and success of your community through fun and friendly stickers and cheers that bring joy to everyone involved.

Download Friendly Kin Today & Begin Your Positive Psychology Journey

Are you ready to begin your journey with positive psychology? To start seeing the benefits of positivity’s PERMA principles, simply download the Friendly Kin app. Once downloaded, you can jump in and begin engaging with a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking to reignite their passion and bring joy into their daily lives. With no fees required, you can begin building a healthy and thriving community quickly! Download the Friendly Kin application today and start living a positive life today!